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XCAT Detection system

This multifaceted optical detection system is suitable for the detection of explosives, narcotics and gunshot residue. It rapidly alerts you of a positive or negative result and its lightweight composition makes it easy to carry around.

The XCAT is designed to screen an area or person quickly and effectively, which makes it suitable for law enforecement, crime scenes, ports, airports and national key points in finding illegal explosives, weapons and drugs.

Operation of XCAT detection system for explosives, narcotics & gunshot residue
The XCAT is easy to use as it does not require user interaction or operator interpretation using colour charts. A simple red or green light alerts users of a presumptive positive test. It is a safe alternative to colorimetric tests and does not expose operators to chemicals or broken glass.

The XCAT uses detection cards with specially formulated optical detection inks and software to identify characteristics unique to each individual or group of chemically related analytes. Each analyte or group of analytes is detected with a dedicated card.

Features and benefits

Powers up in 20 seconds Testing can be done immediately

Quick Analysis

Narcotics & Explosives: 10-80 sec.

GSR: 55-120 seconds

Long Lasting Battery Life

7 Hours (continuous use), allowing for extended testing in the field. Rechargeable Li-on Battery.

Portable and Light Weight

Dimensions – 9.1cm x 4.3cm x 15.2cm (L x W x H).

Weight – under 500g

Easily transported to and around site.

No Calibration

Reliable accuracy of results.

Optical detection

Accurate results.

Uses Sampling Cards
Limited consumables.

Operating Temperature Range 0 degrees Celsius to 49 degrees Celsius

Able to be used in a wide range of temperatures.

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