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FC20 BT alcohol tester

Lifeloc’s top of the line professional alcohol tester, the FC20BT has been enhanced to include wireless communication providing truly mobile alcohol abuse testing. Using Bluetooth™ technology you can now connect your FC20BT alcohol tester to printers, keyboards, and other Bluetooth™ enabled devices. This premium alcohol tester also comes with automatic, manual and passive testing and standard 500 test memory.

An alcohol tester that provides cusomisation
The FC20BT alcohol tester comes standard with automatic, manual and passive testing, and includes 500 on-board test memory. The flexible operating system allows for true customization of languages, units of measure, security features and much more. At PSA Africa we work with our customers to develop “Sequence Software” that can be tailored to your specific testing process ensuring compliance.

The optional Bluetooth keyboard allows for easy data entry with printing options that include a wireless thermal printer or direct printing from your PC using Lifeloc’s DataTrak® software.

Simply put, the FC20BT breathalyser is the easiest to use, most powerful, capable and versatile Portable Breath Tester on the market.

Approvals and standards

U.S DOT (NHTSA) Conforming Product


Health and Safety
Human Resources
Road Safety
Traffic Policing

Features and benefits

Full Sized Platinum Fuel Cell Superior accuracy and long life. Alcohol specific

Double Pump Sampling System Unsurpassed passive testing. Perfect for open containers. Rapid multiple subject testing

Rapid & Repeatable Test Taking

Immediate response on negative,Immediate recovery on negative,

Best in Class Operating Temperature

32 – 130°F (0 – 55°C)

Wireless Communication

33′ Wireless connectivity for encrypted data transmission with other Bluetooth devices

Customizable Software

Guides users through a step by step process testing protocol

Password Protection & Lockout Features
Added security available for anyone. Blocks users from changing calibration and/or user settings. Calibration/Cal Check Lockout by time or number of tests.

Computer Interface

DataTrak™ software allows you to download test results from your FC20BT to your PC. Provides easy ability to sort, print, archive or chart results.

Data Management Solutions

Multiple data entry fields for recording a unique test subject ID, user ID or location information. Fully customizable for your individual needs. New wireless keyboard for easy input.

On-Board Memory & Printing

500 test memory. Thermal Bluetooth or DataTrak™ printing

Kit Configurations

Add our powerful Bluetooth Thermal Printer or Compact Wireless Keyboard for every testing need.

User Selectable Test Modes

Auto, Manual, and Passive modes

Dual Trigger Modes

End of Breath: test taken at end of breath sample
Precise Volume: test taken after detecting 1.5L of breath

Large Backlit LCD Display

Excellent day or night visibility. Full 64 character display. Easy to understand prompts with full text alerts. Power Saving Auto Shut-off

Sturdy & Rugged Design

Heavy duty components and rugged case. Fits securely in your hand, small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Optional rubber grip protects the unit from damage.

Long Battery Life

50 “on hours” or up to 1900 tests


Law Enforcement, Traffic Police, Drug Courts, Corrections, Parole, Probation, Military, Maritime, Schools, School Resource Officers, Halfway Houses, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities, General Industry, Construction, Oil & Gas Refineries, Agriculture, Transportation, Chemical, Mining