New generation breathalyzers reduce the risk of TB transmission
PSA has introduced a new generation breathalyzer that features a vastly reduced risk of users contracting infectious diseases such as TB.  “The Lifeloc FC5 Hornet has been designed to minimize the possibility of passing dangerous microbes from one user to the next through inhalation,” said Hank Lombard of PSA.

Traditionally, passive breathalyzers are cone or torch-shaped and have to be held very close to the subject’s mouth to get a breath sample.  The subject’s breath is channeled down the cone-shaped tunnel and is often reflected back into the subject’s face.  This is referred to as the “blowback” effect. [Diagram 2]

The result is that bacteria or germs trapped inside the “cone” have an increased risk of transmitting infectious diseases such as TB and influenza. Users of the Lifeloc FC5 Hornetbreathalyzerblow over a wide, flat surface, allowing the breath to easily dissipate off the sides of the instrument, minimizing blowback and the risks associated with it. [Diagram 1]

Diagram 1 (FC5 Hornet)

Diagram 2 (‘Cone/torch shaped’ breathalyser)








FC5 Hornet breathalyzer minimizes contamination risks

Lifeloc Technologies’ FC5 Hornet has been designed for use without a mouthpiece.  It incorporates a highly sensitive flow sensor, so the Hornet requires minimal breath flow to obtain a sample. This enables it to be held at a far greater distance from the subject’s mouth, further reducing the ‘blowback’ effect.

The FC5 Hornet is alcohol specific and uses the same 1” diameter platinum fuel cell as found in Lifeloc professional grade breathalyzers. This fuel cell is 50% larger than those used in certain older alcohol wands, so users benefit from a larger surface test area, faster response time, quicker reset times and longer service life.

“Another reason why the Lifeloc FC5 Hornet breathalyzer does not harbour as many bacteria is because the protective boot is made from silicone which is not porous, making it far more hygienic than old-style plastic or rubber versions,” said Lombard.

A breathalyzer for alcohol detection in zero tolerance locations

The Lifeloc FC5 Hornet is ideal for zero tolerance environments as it provides a true positive or negative alcohol test result.  These safety sensitive environments include oil and gas refineries, construction sites, the maritime industry, mining or any organization with a zero tolerance policy.

These new alcohol detection units incorporate features making them uncomplicated to use, including an LCD display with easy to interpret icons; automatic back lighting for day/night display and three test modes (rapid testing, precise sampling or monitoring). These test modes can be used to test uncooperative subjects as well as testing drinks and spills for alcohol content.