Fall protection safety equipment for rent

Our fall protection equipment is available to purchase outright or on a rental basis.  Our equipment is well-maintained and regularly serviced by trained technicians in our state of the art workshop, ready for use at your convenience.  Below is a list of safety equipment available from rescue tripods, hoists, stretchers to harnesses, spreader bars and self-retracting lanyards.

Workman Tripod

The Workman Tripod is ideal for performing rescue work in confined spaces, and helps to make a vertical descent easy. This rescue tripod has an internal leg-locking mechanism; maximum height indicator on the tripod legs; cut-resistant leg pin retention chains; and recessed product labels.

Lynx Rescuers

Lynx Rescuers provide fall arrest and emergency lifting and lowering in confined space. They incorporate emergency retrieval abilities and are the easiest,and have the quickest reset mechanism on the market. They can be used in conjunction with the Lynx Tripod.

Lynx Personnel / Material Hoist

The Lynx Hoist is a rugged, versatile and economical hoist for the lifting, lowering and positioning of personnel and materials. The Lynx lifting hoist is ideal for use in confined spaces and is designed for a maximum workload of 140kgs for personnel (and 280kgs for materials.

Suspension Safety Step

The Suspension Trauma Safety Step assists in preventing suspension trauma after a fall. The Safety Step suspension harness allows workers to relieve pressure by inserting a foot into one of the loops which then allows them to stand up in the harness.

SuretyMan Rescue Kit

The SuretyMan Rescue Utility System is a 4:1 rescue pulley system that is primarily used for raising and lowering people or equipment in rescue and industrial work access. It is ideal for confined spaces and allows for self or remote operation.

Workman Spreader Bar

The MSA Workman Spreader Bar is used in conjunction with the Premier or Utility harness for raising and lowering a person during a rescue operation. The attached web loops can be used to secure an incapacitated victim’s arms when lifting or lowering. It helps to distribute weight for a more comfortable rescue operation.

Utility Full Body Harness

The Workman Utility Full Body Harness is an essential component of a fall arrest safety system. It has an integral waist belt and pad for added comfort and D-rings make this the perfect harness for utility work.

Sked Rescue Stretcher

The Sked Basic Rescue Stretcher provides outstanding patient protection and safety in confined spaces, high angle or technical rescue locations and traditional land based applications. It's revolutionary design is suitable for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or vertical hoisting in caves or confined industrial spaces.

Workman SRL Stainless Steel cable

The Workman SRL 9M Stainless Steel Cable is a self-retracting lanyard in a lightweight, durable thermoplastic housing. This retractable lanyard provides fall protection for activities such as climbing, work in confined spaces, high platforms and roofs.

Bosun Chair

The Bosun Chair is a harness seat used in conjunction with a full-body harness and is attached using a chest D-ring. It keeps the user in an upright position and is the most comfortable solution to sitting suspended for long durations of time.

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