Confined Space Kit to rent

The equipment in this kit is ideal for personnel working in confined spaces and includes the following: Altair 4X and/ Altair 5X multi-gas detector; motionSCOUT; AirXpress; S-cap Air; Airline Box; Workman tripod & harness.

Altair 4X

Portable Multi-Gas Detector

A portable multi-gas detector with motion-alert and a manual alarm. This versatile portable detector is a perfect match for various industries ranging from fire fighting to welding, and its digital sensor output makes it less likely to experience RF interference.

Altair 5X

Portable Multi-Gas Detector

A portable multi-gas detector with motion-alert, a manual alarm and robust casing for demanding situations. It features large buttons for easy use, and its polycarbonate rugged housing protects it for drops of up to 3m.


Motion sensor

A portable electronic motion sensor that automatically activates an alarm if the wearer’s normal body movements stop. It is a personal alert system that can also be manually activated and is ideal for personnel working alone or in dangerous situations.


Supplied Air Respirator

A streamlined self contained breathing apparatus for industry and emergency response. It is available in two configurations, both with a number of essential safety features such as a warning signal, shock resistant gauge and first-stage pressure reducer.

S-Cap Air

Air-Purifying Respirator

A compressed-air respirator for use in emergency escape situations. It provides 15 minutes of respiratory protection when the atmosphere is oxygen-deficient or toxic and is suitable for locations such as ships, off-shore oil rigs, refineries, water utilities and confined spaces.

Workman Tripod

The Workman Tripod is ideal for performing rescue work in confined spaces, and helps to make a vertical descent easy. This rescue tripod has an internal leg-locking mechanism; maximum height indicator on the tripod legs; cut-resistant leg pin retention chains; and recessed product labels.

Utility Full Body Harness

The Workman Utility Full Body Harness is an essential component of a fall arrest safety system. It has an integral waist belt and pad for added comfort and D-rings make this the perfect harness for utility work.

SCBA Airline Box

Airline filter

The SCBA is an efficient compressed airline filter that is lightweight and ergonomically designed and EN approved. It is suitable for long-duration work and special applications. The high efficiency filter is designed to remove dirt, oil and water aerosols down to 0.01 micron and the activated charcoal filter removes oil vapor and odors.

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