Portable Instruments

Multi-gas and single gas products

Our MSA portable gas detection instruments are robust, long lasting and ideal for hazardous functions ranging from fire fighting to welding. They can be used in confined spaces and other areas to detect combustible gases, toxic fumes and oxygen levels. Options include the multi-gas detecting Altair 4X, Altair 5X and Sirius.   Our single gas design is the Altair Pro, which is based on the industry standard but has additional features.

Calibration and test kits

To function effectively, gas detection instruments need regular calibration and testing.  PSA stock calibration gas cylinders to calibrate any instrument, including options to test or calibrate up to four instruments simultaneously and equipment such as calibration tubing.  PSA also supplies the stand-alone GALAXY® Automated Test System which requires no user intervention and is available for both single and multi-gas detectors.  

Portable multi-gas detection instruments
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Portable single gas detection
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Calibration & Test kits
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