New Airline Respirator Trolley System makes work life easier

As suppliers of compressed airline respirator systems into hazardous environments, we recognized the need to find an easier way to transport this heavy equipment around the plant as well as store it more conveniently when not in use. So we took up the challenge and designed and developed a mobile airline respirator reel and trolley system called Modulair, which makes transporting and storing compressed airline breathing systems much easier.

The Modulair Airline Reel and Trolley System comprises of an anti-static, anti-kink hose, watertight hard case storage to hold masks, demand valves, belt and connectors - all on one conveniently transportable trolley. This makes transporting all of this heavy respiratory equipment easy and because of its compact design and wheels it can be conveniently stored and is not restricted to one location.  The trolley carries up to two reels, each reel tidily holding a 50m hose which has been designed for rapid deployment.  The hose is generally a heavy and bulky piece of equipment and can become tangled quite easily so the stainless steel reel alleviates this problem. Reels are supplied with wall mount brackets so they can be fixed in one place if preferred. For mobility it is best placed onto the trolley, which can hold up to two reels.  


The Modulair Airline Reel and Trolley is constructed of high quality, polished stainless steel and offers clean, non-corrosive performance in industries with harsh environments. The reels and filter box can easily be removed and replaced without tools and is suitable for long duration work where continual air supply is required. The system has been designed to work with all makes of airline filter boxes, hoses and respiratory components.

Airline respiratory reel system

Modulair Airline Reel & Trolley
A complete portable solution for your compressed airline breathing system requirements.
Modulair Airline Reel & Trolley

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